Sarajevo…Šeher   Saraj…Crossroad of cultures “East and West”. There is numerous archaeological findings which proves that Sarajevo was populated during Neolit. Name of the city came from turkish word saray-castle, fort and ovasi-field what reveals that it was founded by Ottoman empire. Middle of 15th century, Sarajevo founded, Ottoman regent Isa Beg Isakovic. This Olympic city lies in foothills of the mountains Trebević, Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina which makes it favorite winter touristic center. The list of cultural events can not be listed, in fact you have to witness to know what is it all about, but we will mention few most important: SFF- Sarajevo film festival, for 20 years leading festival of cinematography in Europe. MESS- international theater festival, Sarajevo jazz festival- international music festival,.Sarajevo winter- international art festival.

Therefore we are welcoming you to visit Šeher, every corner will tell you his story, it will be love at first sight in all stories you hear.